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Learn how to become more present to life

Notice how much of our thinking and reactions are prompted by experiences of the past. Learn how to reset the way you think, respond to life and become present to the moment.

Learn how to truly listen as a means to receive more love

Most people really don’t listen to what other people are communicating. The mind tends to lean towards what it wants to say next to impress the other. Once you learn how to truly listen, golden keys are imparted for gaining more love, experiencing abundance and enjoying that feeling of satisfaction that comes with this upgrade in relating.

Learn How to Overcome Negative Beliefs

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Creating worthwhile relationships

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Cultivating a long-lasting relationship with BOTH partners present

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Retreats in Hawaii!

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Introduction to The MONEY course! - coming soon!

Love, Money and Success in Hawaii

Your Dream Vacation is Here

Your Transformation Happens Here!

Check out retreat packages

One to Four week retreat packages at the Hawi Plantation House on the Big Island of Hawaii

Heal, Transform, Empower, Gain Important Life Keys, Learn Healthy Living and Enjoy the Ocean Breeze in quiet Big Island country town Hawi, Hawaii

The Perfect Surrounding

Every morning there is an amazing symphony of sub-tropical island birds that gently wake you to the fresh breeze, the relaxing bustle of wind through the leaves and the opportunity to enjoy the vast abundance of gifts that island living generously bestows.

Fine Food Cuisine

Just a few blocks away from the Plantation House is the exquisite Vegan and Gluten-Free Cafe, “Sweet Potato Kitchen”…..the most amazing food ever created in taste and in “feel-good” vibes. Nearby is the Kohala Grown Natural market featuring all locally grown fruits and vegetables – organic, of course, honey, and the infamous Hawaiian cultivated coffee too!

The Best Experience Ever

Hawi, Hawaii / Big Island

An incredible opportunity for anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life......and ready to listen.
Chris Jones
Travel Blogger

Savour Your Next Holiday

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LIVE classes with Charles

Apply the techniques, set strategic plans to complete the course and enjoy the full benefit have the time, energy and appreciation to learn magic secrets

Self-Study Download PDF Course Booklet

For those who like moving at their own pace and enjoy learning alone, away from the computer. Also great for those who viscerally enjoy the "hard-copy" print of a lesson book

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